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Artists’ Statement (2021)

Artists’ Statement We began our conversation about abstract field painting in 1998, exhibited alongside one other in 2005, and began the moiré series in 2012. The current co-authored work expands on each of our prior practices, including Faruqee’s commitment to modular chroma and geometry and Driscoll’s investigation of indexical materiality. Painting duos are unorthodox: thwarting desires […]

The Visible Spectrum (pdf, 2017)

Anoka Faruqee on Bridget Riley (2015)

Anoka Faruqee on Bridget Riley Published in Painters on Paintings. com, 5 January 2015        Bridget Riley, Cataract 3, 1967, PVA on canvas, 88.5 x 87.5 inches     Bridget Riley described the experience of viewing her paintings as an “active, vibrating, pleasure,”[i] and was surprised and annoyed that others considered her work painful to look at. While art […]

Faruqee: ‘Artist’s Notes: ‘CMY RGB XYZ’’ (2008)

Artist’s Notes: ‘CMY RGB XYZ’ April 16, 2008   1. CMY   Cyan Magenta and Yellow are the three primary colors of pigment. In grade school we learn about red yellow and blue, and that trio certainly inspired Mondrian among others, but technology sharpens our notion of the primary colors. Printing processes, whether analog or […]

Faruqee: ‘Artist, Woman, Human: Feminism in Practice’ (2012)

Artist, Woman, Human: Feminism in Practice February 25, 2012 Excerpts from panel discussion at The Feminist Art Project Symposium, MOCA, Los Angeles (video)     Introduction   To live by one’s ideals is much harder than to simply name those ideals. This goal is hard for individuals, institutions, nations and entire schools of thought. Practice […]

Faruqee: ‘Byron Kim: Color as the Anti-essence’ (pdf, 2004)

Faruqee: ‘Enumerating Infinity: Cloning Color’ (pdf, 2003)

Faruqee: ‘Postscript’ (2012)

Postscript   My undergraduate painting teacher often repeated this quote by Degas: “painting is the ability to surround a Venetian red so that it looks like vermillion.” Venetian is a dull brick red while vermillion is a brilliant bright red. The quote stuck in my mind because it seemed to be about two very incompatible […]

Faruqee: ‘The Kantian Sublime: Why Care?’ (2009)

The Kantian Sublime: Why Care? Published in ‘Why Theory,’ Cal Arts Exhibition Catalogue, 2009   The Kantian sublime exists as topic, ghost, or foil in many current critical texts about art. Immanuel Kant lays the foundation for a mode of thought that yields two centuries of critique. As Terry Eagleton notes, it is within Kant’s […]

Faruqee: ‘The Labor of Looking: from Intention to Interpretation’ (2013)

The Labor of Looking: from Intention to Interpretation April 2013, Publication Pending in The ART of Critique/Re-imagining Professional Art Criticism and Art School Critique, Edited by Stephen Knudsen, University of Chicago Press   Because I am an artist and an educator, I mostly critique in a verbal, face-to-face form, standing in front of artworks. Sometimes students […]